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I played pump for YEARS. Sheridans, Palmers, Phantoms, Snipers...pretty much anything and everything I'd tried at some point. The only one that stayed around was my PGP that I used for 12 years.
Then about 6 months ago I picked up a Kaos pump and really got into the open class pump thing.
Then I joined a team and got into electros. I ended up buying 3 in less than a month. And it was fun. I enjoyed it, and I found out that, by using the same tactics and skills I learned through pump play, I still didn't use that much paint. I was happy.
Then I went to the field, aired up both my Ions...and they both leaked. They worked when the previous game ended two weeks prior, and I hadn't changed anything on them. But no matter what I did, they just refused to work. Deciding that I won't have a gun that I can't count on to work and that just arbitrarily breaks when not touched, I said "**** this", sold/traded both of them, and went back to my roots.
I picked these up off a couple of members here. Traded and SA-17 for the PGP and an Ion (after I finally got it working again) for the P-12. It feels good to be back.

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