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Beat jack and the Vault warrior today with my zerker @ LVL 30 - Not to bad of a fight really. Just duck the Warriors fire breath and then gunzerk -

Used my gunzerking with a combo of ---
a Shotgun ( 330x10 DMG w/Slag elemental) + SMG I got from tiipping Moxxi 15k (335 DMG with lots of corrosive DMG per sec)

Popped the warrior a few times with a 13K + Rocket launcher just for fun too.

Didnt get to many good guns from the loot but some cool stuff and alot of Eridium.
This game is awesome still - beat the boss but the game still has SO MUCH more!

Right now my Zerker is (off the top of my head)@ LVL 31 - Shields around 6K - Health around 5K - 4 Weapon slots usually 3 shotguns 1 SMG/AR - backpack is maxed out for slots (usually half full of weapons I cant decide to sell or not) - Relic is a 18.5% Skill cooldown - Class Mod cant remember right now - Shock Singularity Grenades -
Ill post the stats of my stuff when i can see them (im at work)

XBL name is I187I Suspect if you want a Zerker for online
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