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^it will work without a doubt, it will fit pretty much perfectly, won't be loose and will be tight as a normal kapp asa in the kapp drop zone ring. no question there (only hypothetical issue might be the placement and/or size of any gauge or other fitting you're using, but again this has never been an issue for me)

diesel_fireman2001 very cool! I always speculated one could use the checkit cage for 1" od stuff like a female stab, but it's good to know that there is, unlike the drop zone ring, a little slack

EDIT: after a bit of research, I've become confused. there seems to be a stubby model of the drop zone with a yoke that has an id of 1.9"... yet my I am assuming older (the largest of them) drop zone model has an id of 1".

when you get a chance, would you measure the id of your drop zone's ring for us Kahnif? all I really want to know if it's 1" or bigger. seems like the models with >1" id's need ring inserts or something to use 1" sized asa adapters... sorry for the mix up guys. even if it's >1" though, it would be pretty easy to fix with a homemade spacers

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