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TPX/TiPX DeadlyWind Null Barrel Order Thread

This Pre-order is Admin approved

This is the pre-order sales thread for the DeadlyWind Null TPX/TiPX Carbon Fiber Barrel.

This is a Welcome to Scenario Superstore - Paintball, Airsoft, Military Surplus - We have it all! exclusive product.

You can order this barrel in either 8 inch or 10 inch lengths.

The initial run will be a minimum of 10 barrels, pre-paid.
The cost is $67 shipped to your door US only.
$72 shipped to Canada.
Other International orders will require additional shipping quoted as requested.
This pre-order will run for 30 days.
If the initial run does not fill in 30 days, all pre-orders will be refunded to the purchasers.

Info about the barrels:

8 inch models come with 4 inches of porting and 10 inch come with 6 inches of porting.

The actual ID of the barrels are 0.6875". After the initial taper into the
back of the barrel, the first 1" of the bore is typically 0.001" to 0.002"
smaller ID than the rest of the barrel, due to the compression of the two
parts. So, the first 1" of the bore is closer to 0.686 which lends well to
many applications.

All barrel backs are machined raw aluminum and will be sold as such.
It does not alter the strength of them and will still be covered by the DeadlyWind manufacture warranty.

ordering information:

The cost per barrel is $67.00

We will invoice you via paypal for your barrel payment

Please send an email to

Your name and forum name, Mailing and shipping address,
Paypal email address and the size and quantity of barrels you want.

Thank you.

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