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New Null barrels for Tippmann TPX/TiPX Pistols in conjunction with DeadlyWind is proud to exclusively offer the TPX/TiPX DeadlyWind Null barrel.

We wanted to have carbon fiber barrels for the TiPX pistols and since the only bore sizes out there in carbon fiber were .691 we reached out to our friends at Deadlywind to see if they could help us get a better carbon fiber barrel and they did. The smaller bore size and awesome swabable Carbon Fiber coupled with Deadlywinds state of the art manufacturing processes makes for an incredible combination in the TPX/TiPx pistol

These barrels are made to fit the Tippmann TPX/TiPX line of paintball pistols and are being offered in 8 and 10 inch models.

Unlike other carbon fiber barrels, the Null barrel is built with a unique 3 layer construction. 2x2 satin Twill external, uni-direction fibers laid up in a strong multi-vector pattern, and then a super-slick "Silkfiber" inside that can be safely swabbed. Every component of the Null is 100% USA made, including our proprietary CNC-porting and assembly process. Every barrel is even hand-checked for QC-- You can't get any more accurate.

8 inch models come with 4 inches of porting and 10 inch come with 6 inches of porting.

The actual ID of the barrels are 0.6875". After the initial taper into the
back of the barrel, the first 1" of the bore is typically 0.001" to 0.002"
smaller ID than the rest of the barrel, due to the compression of the two
parts. So, the first 1" of the bore is closer to 0.686 which lends well to
many applications.

All barrel backs are machined raw aluminum and will be sold as such.
It does not alter the strength of them and will still be covered by the DeadlyWind manufacture warranty.

These are being initially offered in pre-order,
To order your TPX NULL barrel please follow this link:

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