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Has there been any really great video game music lately?

I recently listened to a couple of those new concerts honoring the music of video games and it occured to me- almost all the music was from the 16-bit era, 1991-1995. There were outliers, and some classic stuff from the '80s, but the medleys that the orchestrators really bothered to put effort in were things like Super Metroid, the SNES version of the Legend of Zelda and all the Squaresoft RPGs that still had midi sound. Thinking to what I've played myself, I honestly can't remember a game I've played lately where I really noticed how nice the music was, God of War, Medal of Honor: Frontline, and Halo Reach being the exceptions.

So, I pose the question, have there been any truly great video game soundtracks since the mid '90s?
Am I just being nostalgic, or was that really the golden age for video game music?

Oh, and I'm excluding games with compilation soundtracks, like Grand Theft Auto or Fallout 3.
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