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Should i find another hobby?
Probably. But that doesn't necessarily mean leaving the sport forever.

It wasn't that long ago that I had kind of a burnout. I've been handling paintball guns and building parts for 'em as a day job since 1998, and at some point I just got sick of it.

I didn't leave- since, after all, it's my day job and I hate flipping burgers - but I wasn't as interested as I once was. So while I kept working- the economy slowing things down a little kind of helped - I focused on spending more time doing projects for myself.

I rebuilt some machine tools, worked on my cars, built a marker or two for myself, fixed up the shop a bit... last year I built (on a very weak budget) a musclecar... Basically I started living for myself, rather than the job.

I also started expanding into doing more than just PB machinework, and now a fair chunk of what I do is small-lot contract work, much of which has nothing to do with paintball.

And finally, this year, a new field opened up (we haven't had a dedicated field in my area in years) and I found myself very enthusiastic about the sport again. I've dusted off several of my own projects, bought a couple of new ones, started making plans for more...

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