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Ok, so only a 1/2 dozen of us showed up, but we did a lil work and had ALOT of fun. Big props to Anoon for making the trip down from denver and showing the Hole some love. We cleaned up the lounge/grill area, fixed up the distillery some and did some good work on the saloon. I don't think the saloon would have made it through the winter had we rebuilt that back wall.
Melkson and Hope made it out, along with their neighbor Manny and one more newbie, who's name I forgot. ( I hate not having a short term..... what was I talking about?). We got in a few good games before everyone had to leave around 4. It was great to get Melkson on the field again. Not just for a game or 2, we got 4 out of him! Someone is getting better!

Thanks again for a great day at the Hole.
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