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Hiatts game on paintball field players and owner

Hey guys had an awesome time the other day playing with all of you in last game I played Craig "Cali" called me out and told me to get off field because my gun was on ramping I apoligze to him and all of you I didnt know my gun was ramping and I'm sorry for my mistake I take for responsibility for what happened and I'm sorry to Andy and Craig for playing with my gun like the and not saying something i had no clue how to turn it off but now do but I also have my new gun so on the 20th be preppared to see me play with it. I will have to redeem myself I know that but I would just like to apologize to Craig and to Andy, but also to everyone else with me playing on ramping it made it unfair to everyone else and Im sorry looking forward to next game on the 20th thanks for all the fun guys!!!!!!!!!!
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