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V1 Bob Long Victory w/ Ups and Pressure Tester

Selling off my Bob Long V1 Vic - $635 OBO Shipped and PayPal'd gets you this beauty. I'll look at trades, but they WILL be in my favor. Not interested in many things, but another AXE may get my attention. If a trade were to occur, you will be shipping first!


Slideshow (Link Into My Flickr Account):

V1 Victory

Package Details (All Pictured):

V1 Victory (Engine Fully O-Ring'd and Serviced ~ 1 Week Ago)
- Supercharged Engine
- Saber Power Trigger (My Favorite Trigger of ALL TIME!)
- Stock Trigger
- Stock Grips
- 2C Eyes
- 685 BL Barrel
- Exalt Reg Grip
- Pressure Tester (A Must For Tuning!)
- Box (Foam, Printed Board Manual, & Spare O-Rings)

**Package could include an HPA Tank (50ci or 68ci) and/or a Loader as well. The Loaders I have to offer include a Virtue Spire and various V3 Rotors. If any of this interests you feel free to PM me for more details.**

Flaws on the Gun (Last 2 Pics in Slideshow) include a scuff on the back cap and usual wear on the feedneck lever. Aside from those two very minor flaws, there isn't a scuff, ding or scratch anywhere else.

I will be working on a shooting video including chronograph readings as I want to make sure you know everything about this gun ahead of time! No surprises here, and my feedback shows that! Any questions just post here or pm me. Please keep mature, as I am not here to be flamed or put up with children. Other guns may soon follow, so stay tuned (especially if you're looking for a Bob Long gun).
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