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Originally Posted by THE-SHOOTIST View Post
I'm still running my "original" sear, and mine's a LADA which predates both Proline and Arrow-Precision Sterlings. Best I can tell, as I "borrowed"a velocity adjustable pick-up and a heavier "Bronze" hammer is anything Sterling will fit anything Sterling, with the excepion of the barrels, which are Sterling or Spyder threaded.
On the sear, I'm just being paranoid and don't want my gun to go down on me and if it does I want to have the parts to fix it on the spot. I totaly agree that a "Sterling" is a "Sterling"; they all have the same shaped bodies.
As for the barrel, I'm so glad I bought a SP AA back in the 90's beacause I'm going to send it out, probbably this weekend, and get it Freak Bored.

Originally Posted by Tinman View Post
The new ones work just dandy... + theres a velocity lug in the center
buy a few springs with the new hammer you won't have to buy anything for a really long time.
Those are the reason I'm buying a new one. I've had such good luck with an old one I can only hope the new one will last me 15+ years
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