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Originally Posted by cougar20th View Post
The thing that bugs me the most is the drivers incompetence. Once he was in the grapes he should have stopped. Rally courses are always lined with spectators.

The driver could have seriously hurt or killed a fan by driving thru there blind. I understand going off course was not his plan. That happend. What I think was stupid was that he never stopped. Comming out onto the course & immediatly across again it the grapes. Hell he missed a couple of spectators but 10-20 feet as he re-entered.

The pole did what the incompetent driver wouldnt do. It stopped him.
Oh boo hoo, I bet you also wrap your kid in bubble wrap and foam equipped with a klaxon before they're let outdoors. Half the time that kind of slide is easily recovered and he made a decision in half a second. The spectators know exactly what they're getting into. I must've missed the shrieks of terror and talk of lawsuits you get with racing this side of the pond.

On an unrelated note, your signature takes up half the space on a 32" 1080p monitor. Might wanna do something about that.
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Seconded. Hence forth this is to be the official nomenclature of marker sales. Violators will be violated.

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