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Originally Posted by El Super Beasto View Post
There was a time when the 98 act was made in china.

I'm very happy it's made in the USA.
I've heard the same thing about the TiPX at one point but never new if it was true. I know my TPX case has the American flag on it. I really wish I had a list of American made paintball products as most of my free spending money goes into paintball and I'd like to support those companies.

^^ I really like what Red had to say about supporting American made products. Now I'm not trying to sound holier-than-thou or whatever, but I do take pride in buying American when possible.

Originally Posted by delta paintball View Post
Funny you say that, my original post before I edited it was about his coments being as biased as mine about GOG/DLX/SP.
I don't deny being biased. I probably am, but it would be cause I'm a fan and not because I receive any sort of compensation from them.
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