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Thanks for asking. Right now CCM has asked those who have the prototype markers to delay taking and showing pictures of the internals. If we can meet up I would be happy to break it apart for you to see, answer questions, and share my experiences regarding the J12.

Putting the J12 in the hands of those who have so much experience in paintball like you and many who visit this thread is important. These are people who are more likely to take a preventative approach by taking notice of every little detail during pump play. For example, they will notice a binding stroke, investigate on their own and take corrective action before continuing play.

Likewise, CCM found it equally important to put it in the hands of people who don't play, have limited experience with pump play or are making the transition. These are individuals who are less likely to recognize if something is not right, continue on playing, and would be instrumental in revealing "wear marks" for CCM to assess that would lead to changes in their production models for all of us to benefit.

To answer your question. CCM admits that the current pump markers and models that customers enjoy are so similar in function yet packaged differently. But development and design of the J12 is very different. From the all metal, new trigger design that incorporates hardened brass, stainless steel, aluminum and spring to the over-sized hammer, brass valve - all enclosed in a cartridge, to the pump arm and bolt that operates independently from hammer in the lower tube - the differences are noticeable. The increased volume of air surrounding the valve and lengthened valve "cartridge" allows a player the option to take their hand off of the pump handle, get a quiet shot off, have no farting, all with very little drop in fps. A player can sneak a quite shot off whether playing front at the 50 in speed ball or playing woods ball.

I wish I was more knowledgeable to share what other marker design the internal mechanism of the J12 reminded me of the most but sadly I am one of those with limited experience in that area. The lower tube looks weird, the IVG is in the hammer, the auto trigger is smooth and independent from the pump arm, while the hammer looks like a bird with one wing. Bottom line, it is so functional.



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