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Originally Posted by blackrain View Post
Nope I was just posting the info. To be honest I use this same spool and regulator when ever I play. It works good for me, never had a problem with either.

I guess no one really read anything. This is just an ENVY with a pneumatic trigger that's all. It's just been given a new name. Don't read into it anymore then what it is.

Upgrade will probably just be a blackheart board with an ENVY electro frame. That's all this gun really is. A rebranded ENVY.

It at an entry level price. Just what it is designed for.

Probably wont need to change the frame. I'm sure they've worked the pneumatic components to use the same mounting points as the electronics. Or they could just cut the frames for both options. Still cheaper to make than a whole new frame.
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