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Originally Posted by tarakian View Post
Of course there were only 2 Destroyers and 2 MZ-16s made, so those might not be the best options for someone looking to get a mag fed marker.
Moe told me a story that a whole crate were made (15?) for a contract in South Korea, as part of a test program for military training. If the program was successfull, an additional 1000 were going to be ordered. But the Korean General overseeing that program was found guilty of massive corruption, and executed? something like that. So, maybe another 15 are floating around South Korea? You could bling them out Gangnam Style.

I did once contact Lee Wheelbarger years ago. There was a video of him shooting one but he told me it wasnt his. Stressshot INC had contracted him to build a custom scope mount for a client.

Anyway, rare, obscure guns are way more interesting. I mean, really rare guns. Not what PBN might call "Rare" (ie a mass-produce gun with a sticker)

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