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After a lot of thinking, I've decided to go ahead and promote the event at the paintball for boobies event.

We will need at least two weeks before announcing the event, and that deadline is fast approaching. I REALLY wanted to meet before making any sort of announcement, but as it is right now, I see a great opportunity that will possibly pass us by. Here's an event where there will be at least 100 players from all different skill levels. Many of which are new players looking to do something fun.

Basically, the event will be a big generic halloween themed paintball party. If we can get people to play the complex scenario that's great, but worst case we drink beer and play some night games in costumes.

If the laws of hosting a paintball event are true, chances are running a huge scenario in 3 weeks will go over like a fart in church. That's why I think the event should be dumbed down to an awesome halloween party in the desert with zombie games playing in the background.

This is what I'm thinking of putting in the flyer:

Date of the event: Nov 3rd (bad weather date Nov 4th)
Time: 5PM-???
Max event registration: 100 people
Cost: 15$ pre-registration cover charge, (so we can get food, kegs, pay Kev for using the field, rent generators and projectors, pay people to come out and help setup, etc) 20$ at field. BYOP, or buy from us

Games we will play:

*Stock/mag/pistol pickup games of Pandemic
Cost: 15$ per game, which is then paid to two zombie volunteers (5$ per game). 30 player max games (20 zombies, 10 survivors)

During the night, I would run general missions where players have to complete objectives. I would give kudos points to players who complete objectives. The top 3 players with kudos points would receive a prize, (probably a pump or mag-fed marker).

* Pickup paintball games
Cost: Free

General fun pickup games of paintball on the field.

I'm thinking a bonfire, kegs, food, zombies, music, movies, (playing on a projector I'm going to rent), and paintball... what can go wrong?
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