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Picking up the poo - the entry list

I searched the yard of the custom forum to pick up all of the poo for this year. The list is alphabetical by user name. I'll make the thread list actual links for the voting and add a line of description to each one (please send or post one of your own if you like). Entry deadline has not changed from the 31st, I'm just getting organized. You're still welcome to enter up to or on the 31st.

We have another great pile going this year! Let me know if I missed any; the grass gets a little tall sometimes.

The notes on the end are just me sorting out the entries.

chplnstone -- mo brass poo -- K-frame

DocsMachine -- Holy Poo! (The TekAngel Saga) -- Angel

Echo -- Pile of Poo 2 Build -- Prolite

FirstTarget -- Pile of P.. project -- MR1

Grimm -- Excrement build-off entry (pic heavy) -- Dye PGP

heinous -- pile of poo, HARD MODE, automag pistol -- automag

infamoussmiley -- Smiley's Poo Build -- 98 custom

ksciupider -- Ksciupider's Pile of Poo Build off. -- kpx

MaD -- Fixing up some brass poo -- nickel plated PGP

MIballer -- MIballer's pile of Poo build. -- piranha R6

PAINTBALL GUY 3 -- PBG3's P.o.P. build........ -- P68

pillage -- Flinging Poo -- ballista

Rage 01 -- Rage's Pile of Poo build -- tpx rifle

Spider! -- My triple pile of poo -- Trilogy

tjd10684 -- Ariakon ACP Poo pistol -- ariakon

WALZ -- My "Precious" Pile of Poo Build -- pirate kpx

The unpolished/stale poo pile (no longer in the contest);

BenoitOWN -- My built entry in progress

chrisrook --- The clear Schlitz [poo build]

D_sensitized -- A Pooey Nelspot build

Flint -- Flint's Pile of Poo Build Off

Overlord319 -- Overlord319 Pile of Poo #2

russc -- The Russtic Pile of Poo Buildoff Shoebox
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