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Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
Here's a fun lil note..i have spent a week or so dealing with a problem child Thumper..Changed out the bent V3 piston to a V4, replaced all the o-rings just for kicks.. I just couldn't get it to cock after assembly.. I knew it was something to do with the trigger or the back plate and the lil toggle thingy..Take it aparts and put it back togather on and on and on, nothing,,So today well rested ,not too much coffee and bamm, its hits me.. The pump arms were not even, causeing the back plate to be cock eyed..A few taps with a hammer and all is good in the world... Ok, so now on to the Raw in color Thumper that i got in the mail today..Air it up and it just auto triggers when i push the back plate.. turns out it the trigger had a spring guide..Remove the spring guide and snip 2 coils off the spring and BANG all is good in the world (for today anyways).. I have once more 4 working Thumpers..
AWESOME! way to go woouulf! Didn't know about that with the trigger spring - this is something I need to try! Maybe it'll stop my thumper from farting a tiny bit when I cock the gun (at the rearward point of the cocking motion, just as the trigger is caught/engaged by the hammer).

Also great info on keeping the cocking rods even in the back place/block thing! Was that a gun with carbon or composite or whatever rods or the more durable SS? Anything unusual about the gun, such as you stripping the ano or treating the finish with anything?
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