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Originally Posted by c6quad View Post
that's a beauty!

those c/a adapters are notorious for cracking. i have fixed them with JB Weld and a hose clamp. i know it's a ghetto way of fixing it but it damn sure works. i will say that this beauty deserves a proper fix's too nice to go ghetto on it.
Thanks for the kind words! I had considered JB Weld, but agree that a proper fix is the way to go.

Just a note: I know lots of brass fans like to remove the factory finish and polish it up. Given the excellent condition of the original coating I'd hate to see that happen with this gun. I've seen a lot of KPs for sale, but I haven't seen too many with factory finishes that are even close to being as nice as this one. (It's what happens when you pick up a newer gun, and then shelve it for 20 years! LOL!). Sure polished brass looks cool, but sometimes it's even cooler to see a vintage gun closer to the way it looked when it came out of the box - preserving history and all that. Just my 2 pesos. Obviously, whoever buys it can do what they like with it.

As mentioned, with a final sand (0000 ultra fine grit), stain of your choosing and 2 varnish coats, this gun will have vintage fans drooling.
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