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My pleasure. well, I forgot to mention that my bronze is a r/f (my preference). if you're still interested lemme know - I'd be happy to let it go cheap so I can get the wintec, like I said. we'll cross that bridge if/when we get there though. there is a pic somewhere around here so I'll try and find the one already here.

btw, with a sterling, there is no tuning necessary for the a/t to work (unlike a/c and ccm a/t pump kits that require you to make sure the release is set or whatever, although you don't have to adjust them very often and adjust is wicked easy - still the dummy proof sterling a/t design is pretty cool).

the price for the used stp is $250? that is a little high, but hardly unusual especially if it comes with that freak and whatever else. do you have a link to the b/s/t thread for that? (don't worry I'm not going to buy it, I'm just curious)

and when you say "semi pump" I take it you're referring to a pump with a good a/t that can be used like a normal pump as well as shot rather quickly (I think the most I can get on an exceptional day is like 8bps... never actually check this though - certainly can't a/t like carter can *shudder*)
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