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What guns do you just not get the hype?

I was purusing the sale forums and got to thinking about this. What gun, or series, or manufacturer, do you just NOT get what the big friggin' deal is? Especially when others around you seem to have drank the koolaid, and you never got a cup.

This will probably get me stoned here, but as an automag guy I've never understood why people like Palmer's semi-autos. They seem even more complicated than an autococker already is, and prone to even more mysterious leaks that are harder to fix. So many of the sale ads for them always have some little disclosure about a mysterious leak or what not on the gun, its always funny to me. Even aesthetically, I've always thought them kind of ugly. They have an elegant base gun, but then have all these hoses and crap coming out of them.

I just don't get it...

What do you not get?
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