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Originally Posted by gunman_2000 View Post
Love the Mattock, its one of my go to AR's (I don't have the Harrier yet either ). The Viper is ok, but I feel it has been replaced by a few other guns. If you can get lucky on one of the weekly challengers, and get the Valiant, give that a shot. It is butter smooth and fast reload. It is probably my favourite sniper.

I just picked up the Turian Ghost Infiltrator today. Typical, played enough to get my Spectre pack, and decided I was done....then I got the Ghost.....well you can't just quit when you get something shiney and new. He's fun, tried him with a Phaeston, but I think I'll have better luck with either the Mattock or the Revenant (which I have him set up for now for the next game). So that will be some fun tomorrow.

Solo'd Bronze/Geth/Hazard Giant for my commendation pack with my Krogan Vanguard....boy he sure can tear through people. He is the closest I will ever get to driving a freight train
The Valiant is over-hyped imo. It was (and maybe still is?) the go to gun for snipers but it seriously lacks stopping power, especially in gold and platinum. It does have a high RoF and low reload time but I think it is seriously outmatched by the Javelin, Widow, and Black Widow. I rarely see people use the Valiant anymore too so I guess it got nerfed a while back.

The thing I like about the Turian Ghosts is that they work well with just about every gun, not just sniper rifles. I have mine setup with a Harrier and with an AOE spec'd overload it makes short work of most groups. It's a fun class if you like playing infiltrators in their non-traditional role.

Just unlocked the AT-12 Shotgun. Wow. This is now my main shotgun, works wonders against Dragoons or anything unlucky enough to get close. Used right it's like a 3 shot burst Claymore...
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