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If you haven't already made a decision, I was in the same boat as you earlier this year, and I settled on and am happy with a Mini ($325) & Halo Too hopper ($70). Lots of guys on here recommend the Axe; as far as I can tell the differences are thus:

1. No on/off ASA for the Mini ($80 upgrade to Empire Relay)
2. No quick-release for field-stripping the bolt (one hex screw has to be removed)
3. The Mini is small (heh) and a fair number of people complain that they don't care for the feel. Myself, I am about 6'1", 200 lbs; not huge but not a little guy, either, and I love my Mini, but then I always prefer a tighter set up. Even with my 98 I would rarely use the foregrip but usually hold it with my off hand just in front of the trigger guard (it has the gas-through foregrip expansion chamber).

So that said, if a smaller gun wouldn't bother you, the Mini is a nice choice vis-a-vis the Axe for a good deal less expensive.
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