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Screws, pins, tubing and misc measurements

I have looked through a lot of posts and gathered measurements from all over.
I did not take thse my self they are found and put together in some semblance of order.
Please correct me if they are wrong or need added to.

Stock PGP(?)
Feed Tube - 13/16 (.812) OD x .028 wall (.756 ID)
Barrel Tube - 13/16 (.812) OD x .062 wall (.688 ID)
Valve Tube - 7/8 (.875) OD x .050 wall (.775 ID)

Frame screws 8/32 x 3/8 button head
Grip screws 6/32 x 1/2
---- The stock ones are an oval head -- (Light Switch cover screws)
Rear sight screws 3/48 screws
Front sight threads 5/40

VALVE - -- Non-cartidge
Smaller o-ring 012 (70 buna) 3/8 x 1/16 x 1/2
Larger o-ring 014(70 Buna) 1/2 x 1/16 x 5/8

111 (70 polyurethane) 7/16 x 3/32 x 5/8
I asked Palmer's why they offer Viton orings in their kits, rather than the polyurethane suggested in other posts:
Craig Palmer
We chose longevity over friction.

Viton has more chemical resistance and withstands higher temperatures. We found that after a while, if paint was left on the bolt, the o-ring would swell and lock up the gun. We also found that people would leave the gun in a trunk of a car during a hot summer day and flatten out polyurethane o-rings. Also Polyurethane has a shelf life of 5 years, Viton is 15 years.

If the bolt was under constant pressure then polyurethane would have an advantage.

We use polyurethane in pressurized cyclic applications or anything that receives more than 200 psi on co2. The pulse of air on the bolt is less than 100 psi.

We do stock the bolt o-rings in polyurethane if you need them.

The above reasons is why we developed Delrin flat rings.


Trigger pin 1/8" rod - flatten one end ever so slightly

DIY RVA Screw (use Set screw) - 3/8"x24

Tension pin in hammer 1/8" x 3/8" long

Can use a bright finish 10d nail to fabricate a new bolt pin
fine saw to cut slot
Overall .738" long
Head .20" long
Threads .39" long
Shaft .39" long

a plastic 10 round tube dimensions:

Open end .820"
Closed end .780"
Overall length 6.750"

Copper tubing: Type
Size Outer Actual inner diameter, inches
3/8 1/2 0.402 0.430 0.450
1/2 5/8 0.528 0.545 0.569
5/8 3/4 0.652 0.668 0.690
3/4 7/8 0.745 0.785 0.811
1 1 1/8 0.995 1.025 1.055
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