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Originally Posted by chrislognshot View Post
i have question when you open the chest do all level of items stay around your level or set level like 15, lv 30 and 50. not sure how i found it. but for some reason i have head skill called handsome jack for my zero.
As a generality yes, When you get to play through lvl 2.5 most if not all stuff is lvl 48-50 that comes from chests. It depends on where you are in game. If you take a lvl 50 to normal mode and open a chest don't expect lvl 50 stuff.

If you kill jack you can pick up his mask and it goes to all of your characters. Kind of like how I can pick up a Commando's head on my Assassin and use it, then 3 days later go on my Commando and have that head.
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