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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
I've been doing this since the mid '90s. I do what works for me and I don't buy into the consumer gimmicks. You can ask the guy below how meticulous I am with my gear and paint. It's borderline OCD.

Lol, speak for yourself. I've always taken care of my feet. The only time I've had socks like you describe was Afghanistan and those ****ers went into a burn pit. I still swear they became living sentient beings. They friggin' stood up by themselves man.

Besides, the "Evil crusty" socks weren't supposed to be worn on your feet anyways. You were doing it wrong.
my dad ran the house with a drug infused iron fist. No more than 1 load of laundry per week and the drier is off limits. Bag's of socks never give you enough pairs for an entire week and often I would have to change socks after school. So i'd wear the same ones for a few days at a time. Now i just wear flip flops..weird.

Yeah, Deuce would count the paintballs and shoot off evil emails to brass eagles if there was 197 in a 200round container. Those were the days bro, those were the days....
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