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Nov 17 - Pistol and Pump Day - Bday game at AGPaintball

Looks like we're going to do our pump game at AG on Nov 17th. Seems like the best time the most folks can make it. Sorry if it's on a day you can't attend, we're doing our best to try and make it best for everyone.

This will be pistols and pumps. I'm going to include the semi-auto pistols this year as something new. Figured why not, and if enough people bring pistols, (splatmasters or tpx's, or whatever) we can even try a pistol only game.

I just bought a TON of 12 grams. I'll drag them along. Just cover my cost... No excuses, so come out and play.

I will inform Alex - and make sure they're ready. If we can have a rough head count too, that would be great so I can make sure we have enough food too!

See you there!
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