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AKA JMJ Prototype 04 Featherlight Swirl Viking

Up for grabs is a little piece of AKA and JMJ Concepts history. 04 featherlight swirl mill viking. This has been and never will be a pretty wall hanger. It has been used quite a bit and shows. I have not played a single game with it have put a few cases of paint through it. Below will be the history and description of the gun to the best of my memory.

The body for this vike is the first 2004 viking body that JMJ concepts. They took the body and plugged it into the cnc machine and hit the 03 mill code on it to see what all needed to be changed. They tried a few different mill patterns as seen in the pictures. Not the prettiest vike but that was not the intent of it. Instead of junking the body it had "JMJ factory" etched into the back behind the bolt tube with a dremel and sent off to anno and cam back brown. Essentially the first JMJ factory gun. It has seen plenty of use and shows with some top tube wear and a few dings here and there bot overall in pretty decent shape.

The regulator could very well be a one off item. JMJ set out to improve the sidewinder and this was the result. The previous owner believes, to his knowledge, as well as mine, that this could be the only reg like it. Haven't seen another so it's not 100%. It is stupid consistent just like all aka regs.

The ram is made of titanium and was made before the robtown valve was develped. It has the stock valve and a super light valve spring to compensate for the loss in weight of the ram. So aka efficiency is pretty much gone but it has noticeably less kick than stock ram and valve spring. Lpr pressure is running at 80ish psi to help compensate as well but still has little kick.

The LPR piston is something I discovered that the previous owner did not. Not sure any other owners knew about it or not but it is interesting. It looks to be made out of teflon. Looks like teflon and feels like teflon. Doesn't look or feel like delrin. If it isn't teflon, I have no idea what it is. Perhaps it was made before AKA came out with the scm3 piston to cure the original scm issue. The pin valve internals are scm3. Maybe this design is what led to the new piston from AKA. Who knows.

The reg and AKA on off and rail were anodized black by the previous owner. Only real change I have made to this is taking out the tadao board and putting in a pandora board as I was never going to play with it that much if at all.

The frame is a JMJ frame with the end finger snatch grip cut short.

I'll add to this thread if I remember anything that I have forgot.

This vike is really the first of it's kind and a bit of AKA JMJ history.

Try to avoid ignorant comments about it if you have limited knowledge on this gun. Don't join the stereotype of pbnation and ruin my sale thread.

Price for the gun paypalled, shipped, and insured is sold.

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lets say your at the bar...

You trade a guy you know a condom for a beer.

He takes himself on home and calls you the next friday saying "hey bro, That condom you loaned me broke after I took it out of its wrapper and used it"

Would you really trade back a beer for a used rubber?

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