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Ok let's start the History lessen folks.

Army Navy Surplus started in Santa Clarita off Sierra Hwy as pretty much new/used Military gear in the late 80's.
As Paintball products grew, they started stocking specific pb soft goods and making after market Autococker parts. The machinist was Sergi (back to him later). They also stocked skateboard products.

The son of the original owner took over and focused on pb only.
His name is Jack, hence the jackhammer reg name. Sergi did all his machining and production of the GenX series autocockers.
Business was good so Jack sold the store location and moved to Simi Valley. The first Simi Valley location was off Stearns.
Sergi still did his machining but he and his father also had aerospace jobs at their Golden Valley location and lessened their pb involvement for a while.
Jack saw the promised land in online ordering and went big with the current warehouse location on the North end of Simi Valley where he moved to.
He changed the name to the more recognizable

In case anyone wondered, he's making huge aquisitions by having bought out Action Village and another bike company like Superbike or Gobike something or another.

Sergi returned to the pb scene by buying the rights to LAPCO and is doing well from what I heard with new products and innovations.

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