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here some odd things i found in the game. one thing is why does head shot from sniper rifle does great damage to head. but if you shoot some monster or mutants that walk with there hands limp and over face with rocket launcher they take hardly any damage some times. i notice if i do not get direct hit to face on them they take little damage from my 90k rocket launcher. also have pics of some items i found with selling price and buying price that looks way out of whack. also why does nuts shoot to goliath do more damage then shoot to chest. also find that you need to be geared to do most place on vault hunter mode. i notice my pistols and heavy or machine guns suck unless i get head shoots. it takes for ever to kill monster or bandits

look at the cost of this item and why is so much. i did not pay for it.

take look at this weapon how is one to aim it with that huge monitor on it and what would weight be with that huge monitor as sight. it also does delay damage. since it shoots needle like bullets that stick to thing then explode. what sucks is damage is weak at times. not sure why but anything but hit to head does small damage. also not sure why all damage is so little unless you get head shoot.

the last one take look at both guns. why is blue which one level low then green and does more damage. also only 4 rounds short then other item.

finally mini boss drops epic rare for me first time

also something else pop up weird. same name sniper rifle. scope and does not have leaver to reload every time. that main reason why one cost more scope and has clip that does not need to lever change to next round.

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