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It's funny, this has been on my mind lately as well. The desire to keep playing just hasn't been there for me this year. I think I've made it out 6 times, the trip to EMR included. A year or so ago, I was going all the time, rain or shine. None of my friends really have the time or money to keep up with it anymore, and things seem to be going downhill at my favorite field. Everything is WAY too competitive now, and there's at least 1 or 2 d-bags there every time. When I go to a walkon day, I just want to mess around and have fun. It doesn't need to be about crushing the heathens on the other end of the field without mercy or remorse.

I've been considering getting rid of almost everything, down to one pump and one electro/mech. I'll never recoup what I spent on gear, but if I did get rid of some crap, I'd be that much closer to the Boss 302 Mustang I was drooling over this afternoon. Trouble is I get too attached to my toys, so to speak. But I know the urge will come and go, I just want to have something laying around for when it does come back.
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