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Originally Posted by wrongbloke View Post
I used my tpx seriously for the first time this weekend and while I like it I'm a little dissatisfied.

The thing breaks balls way more often than im comfortable with. It's to the point that I'm unsure when I go to make a shot if a ball will fly put of the barrel or just spray. However, it's a huge improvement over when I was using the 8 rnd mags, but still not reliable.

I'm also dissatisfied with the efficiency nsomeone at the field mentioned the techt spring kit for that, but i would appreciate opinions on if it actually works.

I haven't broken a ball in my TPX in over a year. What paint are you using? Does your TPX have all the factory upgrades from Tippmann? I can't comment on the TechT kit. Agent Smith told me don't bother with that since all it did was mash paint.

Originally Posted by skullcandy1993 View Post
freak the barrel and throw a remote line on the back?

I also haven't heard anything bad about the techt bolt, but the spring kit is a waste of time.

Also the iFit kit is a nice upgrade if you can afford it, but it's not a huge boost to efficiency due to the small length of a control bore.
If you freak the barrel you have to get the bolt turned down as well or just don't use an insert smaller than .687 as the bolt will get stuck in the barrel.

If you want a barrel kit get the Python kit. It is the same as the iFit kit just $100 cheaper. I got mine for $65 shipped. You can ask for different sized inserts for the Python kit just call and ask them to swap out the two large size bores for their two smallest bores.
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