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Ion, Marq's, 2k12 G6R's

I am set on some of my prices others are negotiable. Dont be affraid to offer, but I may say no. Local deals a plus, but I will ship at your expense. If it doesnt work I will tell you, otherwise it works. I will descirbe the best I can and will get more pictures and or videos if you need them. Some of these items are going to be harder to let go than others so if I decide not to sell them at some point I am sorry...on to the goods...

Ion - $75
Supercharged Russian Legion Marq with Bob Long Assasians Barrell - $500
Supercharged Marq 6 with Blue Barrell(unknown as to type) - $350
Vampire 2k12 G6R, LP poppet, stock bolt, two piece barrel - $900
Iron Man 2k12 G6R, LP poppet, 4c eyes, Juit Bolt (Nic on the asa) - $900

For Sale:
Ion, Marq's, 2k12 G6R's
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