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My left ear was in a paintball magazine. I think it was paintball 2 xtreem. It was from PP1. My 3 team mates and I had out pic taken and when the issue came out I was edited out with the exception of my ear. So my ear is famous.

Chatted with Joe Perry at a local renaissance faire that him and Steven Tyler were at with their families. Unlike Steven who was enjoying all the attention, Joe was shying away from it. I ran into him at a shop, pretended I had no idea who he was and talked about his costume, (Both him and Steven we in renaissance costumes) about our enjoyment of this kinds of faires and fantasy stuff in general.

Insulted Brad Delp's cousin to people who turned out to also be his cousins from the other side of the family. Was working security at the local concert venue for the Boston show. Was working back stage area where they were holding the meet and greet. There was a large obnoxous drunk lady who kept saying she should be able to go further back stage because she was Brad Delp's cousin. I would not let her go any further because her pass only got her that far. I started talking to a couple who were at the front of the group about how obnoxous this lady was and a few other insults. Brad Delp came out and was talking to this couple who turned out to be cousins of his. The drunk lady came up again insisting she should be able to go deeper back stage and Brad told her she could not go any further and she was drunk and obnoxous. He said she was his cousin but never heard from her except when the band was in town and she was looking for free tickets. Nothing but a moocher.
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