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Why do we only run the knotted shock cord through the corners of the barrel socks? That seems to be the point of failure for 90% of our rental gun barrel socks. I am thinking that using a flat cord would allow you to stitch the cord into the seams on both sides of the barrel cover for half if not the full length. I mean you are already stiching it, why not sew the cord in with it?

Originally Posted by blackrain View Post
You can make one out of ORANGE 1000D Cordura:

Barrel Sock version 1

Next to Googles, this is probably the most important item in paintball. Yep you got it, they both protect your eye from getting shot out.
I've always wanted to make one of these. We will be using ACU 1000D Cordura. I figured since I have 3 yards of the stuff laying around, might as well use it.

3/16 Shock cord and ACU

cord lock

1-1/2 or 2" webbing

sewing machine

Layout the pattern. It's not hard to make. This is why I'll be using a "one piece" Design. This picture you see is the pattern for what will be made here. Any other drawings you see in this "HOW TO" are useless. I changed up the design after I had taken the picture. Also the word "SEAM" actually meams "HEM". So this picture is the actual pattern that is used.

The pattern:
I have never figured out why companies that produce soft goods have to use more then one piece on something that is so simple. I would imagine it makes them more money due to labor cost in third world countries. However I'm a simple person who has a simple design. Don't let all the measurments spook you. Just look at each one and it will all work out. As mention above,ignor all the other pattern pictures in this thread, this is the one you will use:

The fabric:
While making this,make sure the fabric is inside out. Always sew from the inside.

Nothing complicated about it. This is just a scrap piece of 1000D ACU I had laying around after another project. Never waste your project scraps, they can be used for something else.
Place the pattern on the fabric. Pin down and cut out.

Fold the fabric:
Next fold the fabric in half. This will help you find center.

Then fold the 1-1/2" webbing in half. This will also help you find center. Then lay in place on the fabric.

Pin down:
Pin down the webbing in place. It should be center and have 1-1/4" on each side of long end only. See pattern for more info.

Sew webbing:
Nothing hard about this. Just sew down the webbing. Like everything we sew,it is double sewn.

On each end of the fabric,sew a 1/4" hem. Not only will this help the barrel go in better,but it cleans it up real nice and prevents future fraying or wearing of fabric.

Shock cord and cord lock:
I bought the shock cord and cord lock from DIY Tactical.

Cut 28" of shock cord:

Sew it together and sew in the shock cord:
Fold the barrel condom in half. Slide the shock cord thru the top of the two hems and out thru the side. See picture for more info.

Sew the two halfs together using a 1/4" seam (this is the only time we use the word seam. A hem is folded over. I know I wrote hem on the pattern instead of seam). We double sewed the sides. Make sure you get the shock cord real good.

At this point the project is done. For those who want to continue to make a nicer one, follow the rest of the instructions. For those who are done, turn your sock right side out and go play.

Boxed ends: (OPTIONAL)
This will give your barrel sock a better appearance. From the bottom of the sock measure up 1-1/4". From the top of the measurement, draw a line to the corner of the lower webbing. Sew along that line. Make sure to double or triple sew this line.
Then cut away any excess that is left. Not to close to what you just sewed. Do this on both sides.

Once the box end is completed turn it right side out.

Now put it on your gun and go play.

Made up a few. 1000D cordura Multicam.

Version 2 note that these are not coffin shaped.

Hope everyone enjoyed this. Comments are welcomed.

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