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Originally Posted by kospauste View Post
Does anyone have any advice for tuning with the TechT bolt in a TiPX and stock spring? I installed one in my gun and it breaks paint 1 out of every three shots. I switched paint brands, still the same issue. Swapped back in the stock bolt and the breaking improved to about one in every three magazines. I've checked velocity, Co2 consistency and I use a Lapco .687 TPX barrel.

The one odd thing is that the oring that seats into the breach block to act as a bumper for the bolt gets caught in the spring after firing. Would removing that cause an operational issue?
are you 100% that is a TPX barrel? does it say TPX on it? Ive read that Barrels that are not for the TPX sometimes cause issues(not entirely sure why but have read that somewhere.)
I wouldnt remove that bumper. I actually milled my block a bit so the O-ring sits deeper and glued mine into place to prevent it from moving around. Its there till I tear it off.

Originally Posted by Venarius View Post
Did you lower your velocity at chrono AFTER installing TechT bolt?. I've read fps jumps up about 50 fps when switching to the [lighter] tech t bolt. If your shooting 330 instead of 280 fps, that would be causing your breaks right there.

Another tip I've learned with my TiPX... the longer the balls sit in the mag, the more likely they'll be to break. I load all 4 of my mags in the beginning of the day, and then if I haven't used them by mid-day, I re-load the mags with fresh paintballs. This lowered breaks for me.

I have an MRX bolt on order, so we'll see how it compares when I get it.
Well to be fair the TPX can handle FPS over 550. Ive shot 3 or 4 mags through mine doing well over 500fps and still didnt break paint(in the barrel or marker itself but it did break on target-which was a tree not a person).
I shoot only higher end stuff(graffiti and up). I never break paint in my breech when I buy quality/new paint but when I buy "crap" paint it will break and often(in the marker). So I stopped buying it
I dont think Ive ever had a "bouce" on someone with my TPX either I missed or I got you. Now when I first got my T8 I used "rec ball entry" paint and I got bounces galore.

Like said before though I dont load more then the mags I will need for each game because the mags still do "compress" the paint and if its hot or wet it will ruin the balls in the mag. Made this mistake at a big game a few months ago.

14 mags all loaded. It rained for about 10 minutes. All of the paint was stuck together. 12 strings of paint caterpillars.

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