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Originally Posted by kevinatdye View Post
He's probably following the dwell setting procedure we offer in the manual or he already understands what the dwell does.

A higher dwell setting will make the gun more reliable. We factory set it to 20 so that it will work all around the world in all the different temps, humidity, elevations that people play in. But this does cost efficiency as the the solenoid is dumping air longer at a higher dwell. We recommend that advanced users adjust their dwell once they get it to their home region.

Keep in mind, a lower dwell will require more frequent lubing of the bolt system. If you lube the bolt after each day of use and after extended storage, you should be fine.
Are paintguy's numbers close to what you would expect at the top end?

So lowering the dwell increases efficiency at the cost of reliability. Could you elaborate on this and what we could expect?

- poor consistency?
- first shot drop off after relatively small temperature changes and short durations?
- bolt clips/chops, stuck bolts?
- damaged or prematurely worn components, etc etc??
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