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Got my heart pounding enough 2500 rpm with a brake. The Dongyang (Ocuma copy) I used to run didn't even have that. I had to Go Craigslist pro with lathe notifications. So today a 12x36 bench top came up for $800 so I had to jump on it. I responded in 21 minutes he said his email was blowing up. It was just across town I got there first Its still in my buddy's truck. Soon I will be expanding my temporary home shop. So it was kind of an impulse buy. Its missing the gears for metric threading, and the forward and reverse lever and switch. and It's been converted to 110v The guy I got it from inherited it and didn't know where anything was. I hope he lets me look around for the other parts. At least I got the 220v motor and control box. Its a 2001 Central Machinery China. O well at least I got my first lathe.

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