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Well, the cost to manufacture parts for markers is directly proportionate to the degree and number of tolerances, so it's fair to say that the more expensive markers are usually more precise. Of those, you can also summarize that the high-end markers with the highest reputations for all-around reliability as a product, will have good tolerances and engineering (IE, how likely the one you buy will be as good as reputed to be). Dye, Eclipse, and Bob Long all fit into that, as well as others. Of course, all the bigger successful manufacturers have engineering budgets for smarter, more effective designs nowadays which require less tolerances and inspection, in order to reduce the cost of production and increase revenues, as well as tightly controlled, centralized manufacturing facilities... so again, tighter tolerances doesn't necessarily make the better product: better manufacturing and engineering is really what makes it.

that being said, to more directly answer your question: the companies with weaker manufacturing and engineering have more issues with their tolerances, and more deviation in their units. as a result, those very same companies have lower reputations in their products, due to reliability issues and "lemons".

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