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Everyone has an opinion on what's best. And that's all they are, opinions.

I would definitely suggest going to a range that rents guns and try holding and firing as many as you can. Get a feel for what fits your hand the best. Try different calibers as well.

What will the pistol be used for? Just shooting for fun, home defense, concealed carry? Each use is going to have its own set of requirements. For fun, hard to go wrong with a .22. Cheap ammo. For home defense, you'll want a more significant round (usually 9mm or larger). For concealed carry, you want a signifcant round, but you also want to keep in mind size and concealability as well as safeties (or lack thereof) etc.

I wanted a pistol for shooting and possibly home defense. I tried a few different guns. I bought a S&W M&P9. It fit my hand perfectly, 9mm is a good round (affordable, less recoil, yet still good power), and it was within my budget.
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