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My Phantom barrel is Freak bored and I have no problems shooting through a break. The next ball basically pushes most of the paint out. I do still swab my barrel to get all the paint out.

I've owned multiple SP Freak barrels, a DW barrel, and a bunch of Freak bored barrels. I haven't really seen a difference in any of them. Sure the SP and DW barrels had an oring to hold the inserts in but it isn't needed. With a bored barrel the insert slides in and is held in when you screw the barrel in. I did have 1 sizer that was a little tight in my Phantom barrel. I took some really fine sand paper to where the laser engraving is and it slide in perfect now. It is my only GoG sizer, all the rest are old SP sizers or Ty's brass sizers.

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