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Originally Posted by Kanas View Post
Ok, well I guess I won't do this again... Thanks for you input anyway, actually educated me some what, also made me feel a little bit bad about myself. Hope you all feel good for teaching me a "lesson".
This thread has me balking against MCB.

Kanas posted something that he admitted was sneaky. It's a grey area. Dark grey, in my humble opinion, but still grey. So correct him. When you see someone screw up, you call 'em out and give him a chance to repent. This thread, with a couple exceptions, has stooped to mockery and isn't the kind of MCB family response I would expect.

Heinous (not to pick on you specifically, you're just an easy target with the YouTube link in your sig ), is your camera stunt really that different? It's trickery! Is it that different from 'dead man walking,' an example another poster used? The point is that it's all different levels of grey. MCB has a standard for honorable play, so gently correct and move on. (Heinous, for the record I think that the camera move was on the right side of the line and took big brass ones to pull off.)

Kanas is, judging by the avatar, a pretty young player, who happens to play pump. They are in short supply. Don't drive 'em off.

...and while we're at it, let's not pretend that only young players cheat, either.
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