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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Originally Posted by Axel View Post
Heinous (not to pick on you specifically, you're just an easy target with the YouTube link in your sig ), is your camera stunt really that different? It's trickery! Is it that different from 'dead man walking,' an example another poster used? The point is that it's all different levels of grey. MCB has a standard for honorable play, so gently correct and move on. (Heinous, for the record I think that the camera move was on the right side of the line and took big brass ones to pull off.)
Thing is, that was a stunt. The gun was built for an MCB contest, used in a private MCB gathering, and video posted for other MCB members to enjoy. Then it was dismantled(I think). Though it is talked(more like joked) about quite often, dead man tricks isn't really what he does. It is different from constantly using grey tactics to get ahead.
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