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I was quite surprised by the stock finish of the sear and hammer, notably. I've taken to polishing them in pretty much every pistol I touch, and I did it in these too but it took MUCH less effort and didn't make nearly as big of a difference in the feel of the trigger pull as it did in my Zeus or SA17. The polish/finish on the exterior of the gun is also pretty notably awesome compared to any of its peers from the time- it's a nice gloss, although the color choices were a bit meh (red, blue, silver, and black- and you hardly ever see a black one). It also has a removable barrel (which I was hoping could be freaked but due to an o-ring groove at the breech end being .730 OD, that's not going to work). I'm hoping to see if I can at least get someone to make me up a non-o-ringed barrel for Freaks or just a .680 or .685 replacement barrel. Even still, it's not THAT loosely bored at .691. I've seen some older STBB pistols as high as .695. My Zeus is .693.

The two biggest issues I've seen brought up about them on pbreview is chopping and leaks. I can already tell what the leak issue is, but a TPX pierce seal + quality o-rings should handle that. Any chopping issues I believe is probably a direct result of the cupped spring follower in the mag and the cupped face of the bolt- two prime areas for rollback to occur and allow partial/incomplete feeding.
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