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Thanks. I was just checking if there was a really small carbon fiber HPA before buying the 13/3000. I heard the 13/3000 is good for 125-150 shots. I have also heard that phantoms are very gas efficient. How many shots should it get? Does brand matter when buying a 13/3000? Any brand preferences?
The actual tank doesn't matter,they are all made to meet the same standards.But in terms of regulators,I always use ninja.They are very lightweight,and can be dis-assembled for maintnence by the user(you)in case you ever blow a burst disk or have issues with it.

And you should expect about 150 shots off of your phantom.But I suggest you do as Falcon said,and bottomline your phantom,the use a larger tank.but,if you don't have the money for a carbon fibre tank,then use the 13/3000.
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