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Midblocked CCM Karnivor

I got a titanium karni that I converted to pump. Being a huge fan of the karnivors I didn't want to cut any corners, because I wanted my karni to look good and function well. Although its pretty I'm going to use the hell out of her. First off I had the body midblocked which took some time, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. Normally I would buy the parts to slap on myself, which I have done plenty of times, but since it was mini'd I figured send it off to CCM to make sure it was well done and the pump rod was cut to fit cleanly. I am incredibly happy with the body milling and ccm parts I picked up. So I wanted to give a really big thank you to HMCL for the body milling and a thank you to Mel and Rod over at CCM who took care of me from step one. I haven't had enough time to take enough photos to show her off but I wanted to share with all the other karnivor fans out there. I may change some parts as I go, if you like what I have done post here. Here are some of the specs and pics and thanks for looking.

WGP Karnivor body #3586
WGP kaner kit
WGP/CCM regulators
WGP/CCM feednecks
CCM bolt and pin
CCM internals
CCM 86 frame, mini pump kit, Tgrip and AT
CCM rail and asa
CCM fittings

Next up is my black karnivor, many ccm changes are in it's future if I decide to keep her

MCB (+23) PBN (+27) Ebay (+97)

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