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Originally Posted by Mike Taitt View Post
Gentlemen, surely all this shimming can be alleviated by simply purchasing a beautiful new Sterling STP? Treat yourself to that 'new gun smell' all over again as you open the box to your pristine new pump and set about dominating your local field. Say goodbye to the hardships of Paypal fees, feedback issues and email ping-pong by owning the gun that was always destined to be yours. You deserve the best, you deserve STP!
Mike, that's the plan for me after I buy the Christmas gifts and all. I already picked up a semi for my daughter to use so for me the next purchase (paintball related) is an STP!

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
#8 washers it is..thanks. On the hammer you say?
The washers go inside the Hammer Carrier (where the spring slides into), I always have a few in my tool kit. I have the same vintage marker as the one you picked up and you are going to love it. My Sterling is quite possibly the best pump I've ever owned, the smooth-ness of the action, Auto Trigger and reliability. You cant go wrong with a Sterling!
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