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Rare Flex Stuff: HB-Confetti-Boat-Clear

HB Mask with Confetti Strap - $350.00 Shipped.
  • You would be hard pressed to find a confetti strap in better condition 9/10.
  • Blue bottoms and frames are in amazing condition as well. The lens is brand new never used. Ears are mint. Buyer will be satisfied at condition of this mask!

Gray Boat Bottoms with HB White Frame and "Hustle till you die" strap (consider it a freebie) - $115.00 Shipped.
  • Mint Condition, bottoms and frames have never seen the field, can't say the same about the strap though. But it's free anyway.

Clear Frames - $50.00 Shipped.
  • Mint Condition, have never seen the field.

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