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Yea, the Retro platform was designed to be extremely flexible and modular... after all, it was sort of designed with MCB in mind, and we all know the people here will stop at nothing to conjure as many possible configurations for a marker as physically possible

the hard part of course, is either waiting for other people to design and manufacture suitable accessories (way too slow), or for other people to try out all the various options of existing aftermarket parts (even this is too slow), so I'm left with the third option: designing and manufacturing most of them myself, with very high quality and refined modern designs, in limited quantity, resulting in a top-notch, fairly expensive and exclusive product line which I'm quite fine with, since I won't have to deal with too many customers (just the nice ones )

(oh yea, and I will basically go broke for most of the time doing it... but it will be fun)

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